Diversity and Inclusion Resources

TXCPA values the diverse contributions and talents of all its members. The purpose of TXCPA’s diversity and inclusion initiative is to promote diversity in the workplace, in membership and in the accounting profession. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, race, gender, generations, physical abilities, lifestyle orientation, and religious beliefs.

The resources below have been collected to assist members in their efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

TXCPA Statement on Injustice

TXCPA Diversity and Inclusion Committee
The Diversity and Inclusion Committee explores issues and makes recommendations regarding diversity/inclusiveness in three areas:

  • Recruiting into the accounting profession in Texas,
  • Increasing membership and participation in TXCPA, and
  • Helping CPAs serve a diverse public

AICPA Diversity Initiatives

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion - The TXCPA President & CEO has taken the CEO Action pledge and we invite leaders at member firms and companies to do the same.

Harvard’s Outsmarting Human Minds

LinkedIn’s Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging for All Learning Path

Smithsonian – Talking About Race

PR News: Diversity and Inclusion Remain Essential During the Pandemic

Diversity Wins – How Inclusion Matters





Diversity & Inclusion

John Baines, Dallas
Brenda Bowman, Houston
Max Duplant, Dallas
Rebecca DuPree, Houston
Felicia Farrar, Houston
Darrell Groves, Houston
Willie Hornberger, Dallas
Wendy Lewis, Houston
Bertrand Maimo, Dallas
Jessa Manalo, Dallas
Donovan Miller, Dallas
Gail Neely, Houston
Lisa Ong, Dallas, Committee Chairman
Olivia Riley, Austin
Pamela Rodriguez, San Antonio
Anthony Ross, Austin
Peter Simon, Southeast Texas
Priscilla Soto, San Antonio
Jesse Vick, Permian Basin
Barry Wilken, Houston
Weican Xu, Dallas

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