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Dallas office
Toll free phone: 800-428-0272
Local: 972-687-8500
Fax: 972-687-8646

14651 Dallas Parkway, Suite 700
Dallas, Texas 75254
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CPA licensing
Questions can be directed to:
Texas State Board
of Public Accountancy


E-mail CPE Customer Service
800-428-0272 or 972-687-8500
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CPE Training Locations

Austin office
Toll free phone: 877-592-0526
Local: 512-445-0044
Fax: 512-445-0043

3305 Northland, Suite 406
Austin, TX 78731-4990
Map to Austin office

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my TSCPA membership number?

  • What do I get for my dues money?

  • How do I know that my application has been processed?

  • When will I be billed for the next year's dues?

  • How do I pay my local chapter dues?

  • How can I update or change contact information with TSCPA?

  • What information does TSCPA need to update the records for a deceased member?

  • How do I have my mail sent to either my home or work?

  • Who should I contact for information about monthly chapter meetings?

  • I have a question about insurance or have an issue with insurance I have through TSCPA?

  • Are my dues paid?

  • Do I have to make all of the contributions appearing on my dues statement?

  • I'm a lifetime member and I received a dues statement. Why did I receive one?

  • My dues statement shows Houston Chapter, but I have moved to Austin. What should I do to change the chapter information?

  • What if I don't want to be a chapter member?

  • I'm out of work right now. Can I wait to pay my dues?

  • I just paid more than $200. Why did I get a dues statement?

  • I'm disabled, but would like to remain a TSCPA member. Is there a membership option?

  • I haven't received a TSCPA dues statement yet. Have we mailed the statements?

  • CPA-PAC information

  • Who do members talk to about a certain candidate, lawmaker, or piece of legislation?

  • Who should I speak with about regulations or any issues that I have regarding legislation?