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Webcast - Surgent's Ransom, Cyber-Spying, and Subterfuge: Securing Your Data and Keeping the Bad Guys Out (SEDA) | SURGENT




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June 15, 2018 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm



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One day you get a call: “We have ceased all the information on your servers. It’ll cost you $100,000 to get it back. If you do not pay, we will notify all your clients that we easily stole their info from you and that we sold it on the Dark Web.” You try to get on your computer – you can’t. No one in your whole CPA office can. Not even the stamp machine is working. Now what? Companies big and small are clamoring to lock down their clouds and servers in an effort to insulate themselves, their employees and their clients from the bad guys. But was it in time? Was it enough? Or, after all that time, effort and money, is there someone on the inside who just handed over the keys to your kingdom? In this programs, we will dare to assay into the abyss of cyber security. Personal and corporate. Everything from warning signs to glossary terms to possible outcomes. Let’s explore the latest information, ideas and strategies surrounding cyber security and identity theft together. It’s about to get very personal and totally global!