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2019 Sunset Review

The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy is up for review during the next Texas Legislative session in 2019.

Sunset Review of the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) and the Texas Public Accountancy Act (TPAA) is the number one issue for TSCPA during the 2019 Texas Legislative session. Our top priority will be to assure a successful completion of the Sunset Review process and the reauthorization of TSBPA and the TPAA so the licensed profession in Texas will continue unabated.

Sunset Review Commission Public Hearings

  • Sunset Commission Adopts Final Report (11-15-18) - The Texas Sunset Commission adopted a final report on the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) and the Texas Public Accountancy Act (TPAA).  The Commission voted to continue the TSBPA and the TPAA for another 12 years (until 2031).  Commission decision document

  • Round One (9-18) - TSCPA Managing Director John Sharbaugh, CAE, discusses the status of the review process.
  • News update (8-31-18) - Details on the review process.
  • TSCPA Testimony (8-30-18) - See comments from TSCPA Chairman Stephen Parker, CPA-Houston, and TSCPA Managing Director John Sharbaugh, CAE. 

Commission Staff Report and Responses

Texas Sunset Advisory Commission Releases Staff Report on Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (8-2-18) The Society reviewed the report and provided testimony at public hearings before the Commission at a public hearing in Austin on Aug. 29-30, 2018.

Responses to Staff Report

Take Part in the Process

We welcome your feedback! Please feel free to reach out to John Sharbaugh, Managing Director of Governmental Affairs, with questions or comments.

Contributions to the CPA-PAC are critical to making sure that Texas CPAs have strong and effective advocacy in place.


What is Sunset Review?

The Texas Legislature established the Sunset Advisory Commission in 1977. Sunset exists to provide regular reviews of state agency operations and spending — and to automatically end those operations, unless the Legislature specifically reauthorizes the agency.

Under the Texas Sunset Act, an agency under review (such as the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy) can be abolished or have some of its functions transferred to another agency.

Texas’ Sunset Advisory Commission is an agency governed by legislative appointees. The lieutenant governor appoints five senators and one public member to serve as commissioners; the speaker of the House appoints five representatives and another public member. A staff of about 30, including a director, policy analysts and administrative staff, report to the commission.

Although Sunset may appear to be an “insider” process, “Outside input is critical — it’s how Sunset staff gets the broad perspective it needs to understand the issues surrounding the agencies under review, and how the Sunset Commission gets feedback on the recommendations offered in the Sunset staff report,” says Jennifer Jones, deputy director of the agency.  

“More often than not, the feedback received from stakeholders helps focus the commission’s attention on key problem areas and develop workable solutions, including changes to law and management directives,” she says.

Every state entity other than universities, courts and agencies established by the state constitution is subject to periodic review by the Sunset Commission — about 130 in all. Agencies generally undergo a Sunset review about once every 12 years. Read more.