Annual Meeting of Members
June 26, 2020
Virtual | 9 a.m. - noon

Agenda and Materials

I. Awards Presentation
    a. Rising Stars 2020 
    b. Outstanding Chapters
         Small Chapter - San Angelo
         Medium Chapter - Permian Basin
    c. Outstanding Committee Chairman - Gary Tonniges (Fort Worth)
    d. Young CPA of the Year - Jimmy Hudson (Permian Basin)
    e. Young CPA of the Year - Lindsey Skinner (Central Texas)
    f. Distinguished Public Service - Terri Hornberger (Dallas)
    g.  Distinguished Member - Randy Vogel (San Antonio)
    h. Meritorious Service - Rosie Morris (Austin)
    i  Chairman's Special Recognition 
        Celina Cereceres (Houston)
        David Donnelly (Houston)
        Julia Hayes (Southeast Texas)
        Lucas LaChance (Dallas)
        Steve Phillips (Fort Worth)
        Blake Rodgers (Dallas)
        Ben Simiskey (Houston)

II. Break

III. Welcome & Call to Order

IV. Ascertain Quorum & Approval of Minutes
Minutes from Midyear 2020 - Signed

V. Ratification of the awards motions

VI. Motion regarding the Accountancy Museum
Accountancy Museum Motion
      Accountancy Museum PPT

VII. Treasurer's Report
        Treasurer's Report PPT

        a. Presentation of YE financials and FY 2020-21 budget for approval

            Society Financials           
            CPE Financials            
            Society Budget
            CPE Budget

VIII. Discussion with U.S. Senator Cornyn 
         A. COVID-19 & Federal Response 
              Senator Cornyn

IX. State of the Society
      State of the Society PPT

X. Strategic Planning Update
Strategic Plan Update

XI. Entity Updates
      Link to full entity updates video
   *due to the timing, the the PAC Update was not able to be played during the meeting. Please be
       sure to check out the updates toward the end of the video. 

        a. Annual Meeting of the CPE Foundation            
        b. Annual Meeting of the Peer Assistance Foundation          
        c. Accounting Education Foundation Report           
        d. CPA-PAC Report
             2020 PAC Annual Meeting Handouts
             PAC flyer
XII. Closing Remarks

XIII. Adjournment

General Materials
TXCPA 2020 Annual Meeting Agenda - virtual
TXCPA Board members 2020-2021
Future TXCPA Meetings - Board of Directors
2019-2020 Chapter Highlights

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