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How to Deal with Nonresident Alien Independent Contractors

By Byron Ratliff, CPA-Houston
Thanks to modern technology, many tasks in an e-commerce environment can be performed from almost any location worldwide with a stable Internet connection. During tax season, Texas CPAs might find themselves assisting clients who have made payments to independent contractors living outside the U.S. and performing services for U.S. businesses. In this article, TSCPA Federal Tax Policy Committee member and chair of the International Tax Subcommittee Byron Ratliff, CPA-Houston, provides advice for CPAs dealing with nonresident alien independent contractors and how to decide whether or not reporting is required and if taxes should have been withheld. Read more

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Key Person Volunteers Wanted

The legislators listed here have no TSCPA Key Persons: no one to keep CPAs on their radar, no one to tell them when there are bills that hurt CPAs or the Texans they serve.

If you know any of these legislators representing Austin, Brazos Valley, Central Texas, Corpus Christi, Dallas El Paso, Houston, Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, Southeast Texas, Texarkana, or Wichita Falls, sign up as their Key Person.