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  • BeachSunrise450x299

    CPE By The Sea

    Enjoy sun, sea, and CPE at this always-popular June event in Galveston. Prepare yourself for three tracks, three days and a perfect gulf coast getaway with your family and friends! (Don't forget the sun block.)
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  • AuditBenefitPlan

    Audits of Employee Benefit Plans

    Spend a full day with us on focusing on recent regulatory changes involved in employee benefit plan audits. Gather with us on June 12 in downtown San Antonio.
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  • FraugGuyBig

    Fraud & Enterprise Risk Conference

    Businesses large and small face multifaceted risks. A hacked computer system is different than embezzlement but it still calls for determined vigilance. Join us in Austin on May 15 to explore ways to defeat fraud.
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  • TechIllustration

    2017 Texas CPA Technology Conference

    Be it big business or small business nearly everyone relies on a computer network and software for recording transactions. Learn both about protecting your data and about the newest tools to deploy it. Join us in either DFW or Houston for this popular May program.
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  • BusinessGroupAA

    Nonprofit Organizations Conference

    This unique program is packed with plenty of flexible sessions that allow you to custom fit your needs and interests. Join us in Plano on May 22-23.
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  • Energy Conference

    Energy Conference

    This annual conference is widely recognized as the go-to source for knowledge and the most current information available on all forms of energy. Join us in Austin on May 15-16.
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  • YCPA12iStock_000018108990XSmall

    Single Invoice Renewal Option for Firms and Companies

    Many members work in an organization with other TSCPA members. To make renewals as easy as possible for groups of members who all work for the same organization, TSCPA offers a single invoice renewal option.
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  • Membership Campaign 2016

    Acting on Your Behalf

    TSCPA acts on your professional needs, whether or not you even realize it. For us, it’s lights/scene/action should legislation be proposed with the potential to either advance (APPLAUSE) or harm (BOO) CPAs and the public they serve.
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