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The Many Ways to Participate

1. Be an advocate for TSCPA's new workplace financial literacy program and promote it to business organizations. (TSCPA will provide talking points and handouts)
  • Ex. Chamber of Commerce, Rotary
2. Talk to media outlets in your area about personal finance. Email TSCPA  information about working with the media.

3. Give a free lunchtime seminar on a personal finance topic using TSCPA speeches and PowerPoint presentations. Go to the TSCPA Speakers bureau.

4. Go straight to the head of the class! Bring the Workplace Financial Education program into your workplace or into your clients' businesses via the following:
  • Post TSCPA-provided flyers in break rooms and other employee-congregation sites.
  • Provide the human resources or communications departments with TSCPA articles for employee newsletters and paycheck inserts.
5. Volunteer to visit a local school through TSCPA's Accounting Career Education (ACE) program.

6. Visit a civic organization and give a speech about paying for college or regaining financial health after a natural disaster. View prepared speeches and presentations.

7. Volunteer to teach financial literacy through Junior Achievement. E-mail TSCPA for more information.