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Committee Volunteer FAQs (Step 1)

Step 1: Read the FAQs

Step 2: View list of committees open to all nominees/volunteers.

Step 3: Volunteer for a committee

What is the process involved in joining a TSCPA committee?
Every TSCPA member is invited to join committees on both the state and chapter level. Each winter, TSCPA asks members to volunteer for the next fiscal year's (TSCPA's fiscal year is June 1-May 31) committees. In the spring, committee nominees are asked to confirm their commitment to serve as appointed.

Lists of volunteers at the state level are provided to the committee chair and TSCPA chairman. Once approved, the volunteers serve from June 1 through May 31.

Can a member volunteer at any time?
The deadline to volunteer for the fiscal year is usually in early December. Email TSCPA .

When does TSCPA confirm an appointment to a committee?
In April, TSCPA sends out an e-mail message asking members to join or to renew committee membership. Members then confirm or decline in their response back to TSCPA..

Can members volunteer for more than one committee?
Yes. But, out of respect for volunteers' time, it is recommended that members serve on no more than two..

Is there a limit on the number of consecutive years to serve on a committee?
Committee service is a privilege reserved for those who are able to fully participate. A member will be appointed to a committee for a one-year term with the understanding that the member may be reappointed for an additional two terms only if his/her participation has been commendable. There are occasional exceptions for committees that require an advanced level of knowledge in the subject area.
What happens if TSCPA receives more requests to join a committee than there are available openings?
Occasionally, TSCPA receives more requests to join a committee than there are openings. If a member's first choice isn't available, TSCPA encourages volunteering time for another committee..

Is there a list of who is on each committee?
The TSCPA Leadership Directory, which is published and mailed to every committee member, includes this information or select this link. This information can also be requested by contacting Email TSCPA