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Chapter FAQs

Q: I have a comment/question/idea about my chapter. Who do I call?
A: Your chapter executive director/secretary. You can find contact information on your chapter’s website, accessible via a link in this section. Or, you can email TSCPA and your message will be forwarded.

Q: I’m interested in getting more involved with my chapter. Where should I start?
A: A great place to start is one of your chapter’s networking events. If it’s the first time you’ve attended, let the people at the registration table know. Ask them to point out someone who can provide more information about your chapter and upcoming activities.

Q: Who is on my chapter board?

A: A list of officers is on most chapters’ Web sites and is often included in chapter newsletters. It is also included in the TSCPA Leadership Directory.

Q: How do I become part of a chapter board?
A: First, serve at the committee level. Then, call your chapter president or executive director/secretary to learn more about the chapter’s nominations process. Most chapters develop their slate in the fall for election by members in January but some follow an earlier timetable. (Service begins concurrent with election of state-level officers at the TSCPA Annual Meeting of Members in June.)

Q: How do I find out when my chapter is meeting?
A: On most chapters’ Web sites there is a calendar listing their events.

Q: How do I register for a chapter event?
A: Check your chapter's Web site for information.

Q: Can I register onsite?
A: While we realize that you can’t always plan in advance, it may not always be possible to accept walk-in registrations. Depending on physical space and course material availability, this just may not be an option. The onsite program administrator will be able to provide you with the latest registration information. We do ask that you register well in advance whenever possible.

Q: Can I bring a guest with me to an event?

A: Contact your chapter executive director/secretary and ask whether it is appropriate to bring a guest to the event you have in mind. Be sure to indicate whether the individual is a member and, if not, whether he or she is a CPA. If there is a fee to attend, your nonmember guest most likely would not receive the member discount.

Q: I've moved. How can I change my chapter membership? How can I update my contact information?
A: E-mail the TSCPA Member Services Department or phone 800-428-0272, ext. 260, to have your chapter membership moved. You can also update your information via the TSCPA Website. Include both your company and home information. We're happy to take care of these administrative changes for you.

Q: Do I need to log in to browse chapter events on this site?
A: No, but you may need to log in at your chapter’s Website to register online.

Q: What if the weather turns bad the day of a chapter activity?
A: While chapters rarely cancel programs, extreme weather conditions may make cancellations unavoidable. Our primary concern is the safety of the people involved. As you know, here in Texas inclement weather can strike quickly. If you have any questions about whether an activity or event will be held, contact your chapter executive director/secretary or president.

Q: I’m a vegetarian. Can you accommodate me?
A: If you have a specific dietary need (vegan, kosher, etc.), please contact your chapter executive director/secretary well in advance of the event so that arrangements with the event facility can be made if possible. To ensure you receive the proper meal, please check in at the registration table when you arrive and explain your prearrangement.

Q: How should I dress for a chapter meeting?
A: Recommended dress code for most chapter events is business casual. Exceptions to this rule of thumb are golf tournaments, picnics, or any more relaxed social event, where more casual dress is appropriate, and dinner meetings, when business attire is appropriate. For your comfort, we suggest dressing in layers to accommodate typical variations in meeting room temperatures – some of which can feel downright extreme.