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Congratulations New CPAs

  • Published on Jun 29, 2020
  • by Jennifer Davis

Congratulations on achieving one of the most significant milestones of your career-- becoming a CPA in Texas. We at the Fort Worth Chapter, Texas Society of CPAs are proud to welcome you into the community.   Normally, our leadership would host an event this month to meet and congratulate you on your recent accomplishment, and welcome you to the club.  Please accept our applause virtually!

The following individuals were licensed December 2019 through May 2020, and are our July Honorees: 

Kristen Aievoli, CPA | EY
Matthew Archer, CPA | EY
Abigail Askins, CPA
Andrew Baldwin, CPA
Bradley Bloom, CPA | Fidelity Investments
Colton Bretton, CPA | Whitley Penn LLP
Rebecca Brewer, CPA | PwC
Stephanie Brewer, CPA | Legacy Housing Ltd
Cameron Brogdon, CPA | Bepco LP
Claire Buechele, CPA
Henry Bui, CPA
Alyssa Carey, CPA | EY
Dariela Casas, CPA | EY
Robert Chapa, CPA | Whitley Penn LLP
Dhaval Chaudhari, CPA | Fidelity Investments
Ximin Chen, CPA | Andrea Marie Ward CPA
Keri Cholopisa, CPA | Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Kathryn Cline, CPA | Buchanan Clarke Schlader LLP
Adrian Colon, CPA
Bradley Dowell, CPA
Amie Fanning, CPA
Kathryn Farrell, CPA
Amanda Figel, CPA | EY
William Folger, CPA | KPMG LLP
Charlaine Fortune, CPA
Priscilla Fredrickson, CPA
Colin Goebel, CPA | Forestar Group Inc
Alden Goff, CPA | EY
Megan Grimes, CPA | EY
Alicia Hadwani, CPA | BKD LLP
Gustavo Hernandez Villanueva, CPA
Jonathan Hunt, CPA
Matthew Hunter, CPA
Andrew Hutchinson, CPA | Sutton Frost Cary LLP
Michelle Ji, CPA
Monica Joseph, CPA | Grant Thornton LLP 
Jordyn Kramer, CPA | Whitley Penn LLP
Denise Lease, CPA
Bailey Lunsford, CPA | Weaver
Morgan Lyda, CPA
Madison Mcclure, CPA
Benjamin Mcdonald, CPA
Gregory Miller, CPA
Matthew Mullins, CPA
Sara Neir, CPA | Fidelity Investments
Tyler Nelson, CPA | Dixon Hughes Goodman PLLC
Ploysirin Nguyen, CPA | RSM US LLP
Oluwashikemi Olowofela-Sanni, CPA
Todd Omer, CPA | Emerson Rickstrew CPA PLLC
Victoria Pacocha, CPA
Yancy Palacios-Diaz, CPA | Cook Childrens Health Care System
Lauren Palmersheim, CPA
Jinal Parekh, CPA | Deloitte & Touche LLP
Georgi Pleasant, CPA
Jessica Reneau, CPA | Solera Holdings Inc
Katie Reynolds, CPA | KPMG LLP
Robert Rodriguez, CPA | EY
Loretta Salvatore, CPA | Fort Worth ISD
Sharon Sitton, CPA | GameStop Corp
Nathaniel Smith, CPA | BDO USA LLP
Karun Someshwar, CPA | KPMG LLP
Kimberly Speights, CPA
Shelby Sullins, CPA | PwC
Tammy Terra, CPA | The Walton Group
Randall Terry, CPA
Trinh Tran, CPA
Hezron Wade, CPA
Jacob Wall, CPA | Weaver and Tidwell LLP 
Courtney Williams, CPA
Veronica Williams, CPA
Amanda Wylie, CPA | PwC
Angelina Zarate, CPA | Boucher Morgan & Young PC