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October 31 - January 1, 2030 12:00 am - 12:00 pm



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TSCPA Webcast Pass – Exclusively for TSCPA Members

Staying up-to-date on the latest standards and hottest topics just got easier!A subscription to the TSCPA CPE Foundation ’s brand new Webcast Pass gives you one year of access to nearly 300 convenient webcasts that will take your professional development to the next level.

Invest in a Webcast Pass for only $399 and immediately access a library of online programming.A variety of topics in accounting, auditing, taxation,fraud, management, leadership and MORE are available at your fingertips – with course lengths from one to eight hours. Fitting CPE into your busy schedule has never been easier or more affordable!

Quality speakers, critical updates, flexible course times – all developed with YOU in mind.

The Webcast Pass is available to members for a limited time and at a price that is nearly $200 less than comparable packages. Upgrade your CPE experience and broaden your skill sets with a Webcast Pass today!

Webcasts are delivered during an assigned date and time, therefore course selections will vary. The list of available course titles is updated daily. As webcast dates pass, they are likely to, but may not always reoccur.


Here are some listed courses:

Recognizing and Correcting Failures in a Client’s Estate Plan
§199A Pass-Through Deduction - Under the August 8, 2018 Proposed Regs
4 Simple Steps to Solving the Toughest Problems You Face as a CPA
5 Marvelous Business Books in 100 Minutes
5 More Business Books in 100 Minutes
8 Attributes of Every Winner
A CPAs Guide to Due Diligence
A Practical Guide to Trusts
Accounting Re-imagined: The Future of Our Profession
Accounting's Perfect Storm: A Moving Target!
Achieving Balance in Work and Life Part I
Achieving Balance in Work and Life Part II
ACPEN Signature: 2018 Accounting and Auditing Update
ACPEN Signature: 2018 Annual Tax Update
ACPEN Signature: 2018 Business Fraud Update - Use of Technology in Fraud Investigations
ACPEN Signature: 2018 Financial Statement Preparation, Compilation, and Review
ACPEN Signature: 2018 Governmental Accounting & Auditing Update
ACPEN Signature: 2018 Not-for-Profit Accounting, Auditing & Tax Update
ACPEN Signature: 2018 Tax Planning After the Tax Reform Act
ACPEN Signature: Dealing with the IRS Today
ACPEN Signature: Planning for Small Businesses after Tax Reform
Adobe Acrobat DC – Big Changes for PDFs
Aligning Budgets to Strategy – The Key to Long Term Profitability
Are You Ready for a Software License Audit?
Ask Me No Questions
Audit Technologies - A New Approach To Auditing
Auditing for Fraud
Basis Consistency and Form 8971
Becoming a Great Predictor: Create Better Forecasts
Benford's Law: A Valuable Audit Tool
Best Technologies for Small Businesses
Beyond Small Business Accounting
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals
Bribery and Corruption: It CAN Happen in Your Organization
Build Your Personal Net Worth
Build Your Team: Get Results!
Business Consulting for CPAs
Business Lessons from the Dance Floor - Leadership Secrets from Fred & Ginger
Business Turnaround
Cash Management Strategies
Centralized Partnership IRS Audit Rules - Biggest Change in History of Partnership Taxation
Changing ERISA's Disqualified Person Criterion
Coaching Skills for CPAs, Controllers and Financial Managers
Communicating Financial Information to Non-Accountants
Communication in the Workplace: Business Communication Essentials
Communication Miracles at Work: How To Decrease Conflict and Increase Cooperation - Part 1
Communication Miracles at Work: How To Decrease Conflict and Increase Cooperation - Part 2
Communications Success: Make Your Message Stick
Corporate Finance: Valuing a Business
Create a Terrific Equity Compensation Plan: Avoid the Pitfalls!
Creating a Culture of Engagement
Creating an Incident Response Plan
Creative Strategies for Buying, Selling, or Gifting a Business
Cyber Risk and Accountants Best Practices
Data Analysis and Management
Defensive Tax Return Disclosures
Develop Your Company's Scorecard: Keep Success on Track
Digital Document Management Systems
Disregarded Entities
: Now You Don’t See Them, Now You Do
Dizzy New World of Cyber Investigations: Law, Ethics and Evidence
Do-It-Yourself Business Intelligence with Microsoft’s Power BI Tools
Domicile Planning for your Client
Draws By an Owner Employee from a Closely Held Business
Dynamic Communication: Strategies for Achieving Buy-In
Effective Virtual Teams and Virtual Meetings
Effectively from Anywhere
Employment Tax - Cutting Taxes and Thwarting Catastrophes
Enterprise Risk Management for Small and Medium-sized Businesses: Current Perspectives
Excel Data Models, Combinations, & Consolidations
Excel Guru – Tips & Tricks to Make Your Head Spin
Excel PivotTables – Part I
Excel PivotTables – Part II
Excel Tips & Tools for Better Budgets & Forecasts
Excel's Best New Features
FASB’s New Lease Accounting Standard
FASB's New Revenue Recognition Standard ASC 606
Fiduciary Accounting for Estates and Trusts
Fiscal Fitness & Financial Abundance - Creating a Breakthrough
Fraud Brainstorming and Interviewing Techniques for Auditors and Accountants
Fraud In Construction Contracting and Procurement
Fraud in the Cloud – New Risks in a New Environment
Fraud Risk Management and Assessment
Fringe Benefit Planning Under Tax Reform
Galvanizing, Enabling, and Measuring Innovation
General Data Protection Regulation
Generations at Work: Finding Common Ground
Getting Ahead: The Art of Marketing for CPAs
Giving Feedback That Delivers Results
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
Got Your Assets Covered?
Government Fraud Investigator: War Stories from the Trenches
Guide to Email Record Retention and Destruction
Hot Tech Tools, Tips, Apps & Services
How Good Companies Become Great: Secrets to Success
How State Lines Impact Estate, Tax, and Financial Planning
How to Write a Tax Advisory Opinion Letter
IC-DISC - An Introduction to the Last Remaining U.S. Export Tax Incentive
IC-DISC - The Last Remaining U.S. Export Tax Incentive from A to Z
Implementing DLP for Better Security & Privacy
Improve Your Profit: Identify Cost Cutting Opportunities
Internet of Things
Introvert Power, Why Quiet Leaders are So Successful
IRAs and Roth IRAs - Pots of Gold at the End of the Rainbow
IRS’ Tangible Property Regulations - How to Operate and Thrive With the Extremely Useful New Set of Tools
Know Your Cost: Double Your Profit
Leaders Eat Last: The Characteristics of Great Leaders
Lessons from the Playing Field: What Sports Can Teach Accountants
Make Your Information Systems Work for You
Making Predictions: Plan for the Future
Making the Best of Bad Situations: Part 1 (Integration of Planning, Children, Alimony and Property Settlements)
Making the Best of Bad Situations: Part 2 (Death of Client, Terminal Illness, Foreclosure, Debt Relief)
Making the Best of Bad Situations: Part 3 (Gambling, AMT, Financial and Estate Planning, College)
Management Company ESOP Structures and the Insurable Interest Doctrine
Managing Risk and the CFO's Role
Managing the Accounting Department
Managing the Business Risk of Fraud
Managing With Coaching Competencies- An Overview
Mastering the One Minute Relationship: How to Immediately Build Rapport and Trust So You Can Create More Business
Measuring and Reporting on Sustainability
Mergers & Acquisitions: Tricks, Traps, & Terrors
Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks
MS Word: Advanced Features
Navigating Difficult Conversations
Navigating U.S. Government Contracts: Cost Accounting, Compliance & DCAA
Nonprofits: Working with or Serving on Nonprofit Boards
Our Favorite Apps
Outstanding Client Service: 10 Key Ways to Create Client Satisfaction and Get Referrals
Password Management Tools – Why They are Necessary
PD 101: How to Turn Outreach into New Clients
Performance Auditing Made Easy
Personal Leadership Skills
PivotTable Update
Planning to Defeat the 3.8 Percent Net Investment Income (Medicare) Tax
Policy Compliant Retirement Plan Real Estate Financing Structures
Postmortem Estate Planning
Powerful Life Principles
Practical Solutions for Federal Grants Compliance: A Comprehensive Look at the New Uniform Guidance
Practical Strategic Planning
Prepare for a CFO Role
Preparing Form 706 – Line-by-Line
Preparing Form 709 – Line-by-Line
Preparing Forms 706 and 709 – Understanding the Issues
Preventing Small Business Fraud
Pricing for Profitability: How Finance Can Save The Bottom Line
Pricing Strategies: Find the Right Fit for Your Products
Problematic Self-Directed Retirement Activities Series - Session 2: Management and Investment Risk Diversification Indices
Problematic Self-Directed Retirement Activities Series - Session 3: Prohibited Transaction Chinese Walls
Problematic Self-Directed Retirement Activities Series - Session 4: Problematic Self-Directed Retirement Plan Activities
Problematic Self-Directed Retirement Activities Series Session 1: Retirement Plan Management and Investment Risk Diversification Standards
Profit Improvement: Ten Tips for a Better Bottom Line
Proper Financial Accounting for Tax Driven Entities
Public Speaking for Business
Public Speaking for CPA's: How to Write, Present, and Use Public Speaking to Advance Your Career
QuickBooks Online – Advanced Features And Functions
Raising Financing: Established Businesses with Revenue over $10 Million
Raising Financing: For Start-ups, Nonprofits and Businesses with Revenue Less Than $10 Million
Reimbursing Under Accountable Expense Reimbursement Plans
Reinvent the Finance Role: The Finance Team of Tomorrow
Reporting Tools for Productivity
Resolving the Passive Custodian Paradox
Retirement Plan Nontraditional Asset Valuation Appraiser Liability Exposures
Revising and Expanding Charitable Planning Techniques
Revising Your Estate Plan due to Tax Reform
Risk Analysis and Management
School Activity Fund Fraud
Section 409(p)’s Economically Substantive Succession Planning Policy Implications
Section 469(c)(7) Procedure, Practice, and Regulatory Implications
Section 469’s Activity and Participation Conclusive Presumptions
Security Blocking & Tackling
Self-Promotion for Career Advancement: Communicating Your Strengths
Setting up Programs for Innovation: A Six Step Process
Seven High Quality Questions that Lead to Solutions & Success
Shortcuts to Success and Happiness: The 14 Best Tools for Personal and Professional Development
Shorten Month End - Apply Lean Thinking to Your Month-End Closing Process
Should Your Next Computer Even Be a Computer?
Skillful Negotiations: Get the Most from Your Banker, Customers, Vendors and Boss
Small Business Accounting
Small Business Cloud Accounting Shootout
Social Media 101: Know the Essentials for Your Business
Social Media and Your Business
Staff Retention: Attract and Keep the Best People
Step 1 in Change: Understand Your Culture
Strategic Model for Change Management - Successful Skills to Navigate Change
Strategic Planning For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: Moving from Ideas to Action
Strategies in Handling and Challenging Texas Audits
Successful Business Plan Composition: Part I - A Business Plan is Not a Substitute for a Private Offering Memorandum
Successful Business Plan Composition: Part IV - Market Stratification is a Marketing Plan Necessary Condition
Succession Planning for Business (and Real Estate, Farm and Ranch) Update - Saving the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg
Systemic Risk: Six Mega-Trends Facing Organizations Today
Taking the Financial Executive’s Leadership Skills to the Next Level
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Business and Cost Recovery - Moving Targets with All New Bulls-Eyes
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: C Corp or Pass-Through - Choice of Entity Fruit Basket Upset – or Not?
Tax Reform: A Practical Review of All Planning Issues
Tech Cookbook - Plain Tech Talk for Your Office
Texas Sales Tax for the High-Tech Industry
The Affordable Care Act – 2018 and Beyond
The CFO's Role in Compensation and Bonus Plans
The CFO's Role in Developing Competitive Advantage
The CFOs Role in Strategic Cash Management
The Communication Equation (TM) for Business Professionals
The Competent Accountant – Mastering the Role of the Controller/ CFO
The CPA Firm of NOW!
The Power of C4A (Conversations for Action)
The Power of Committed to Create
The Practice of Listening & the Art of Responding - Improving Communication Skills
The Preparation of Form 1041 – Line-by-Line
The Preparation of Form 1041 – Primer on Subchapter J
The Preparation of Form 1041 – Understanding the Issues
The Rittenhouse Rankings: Cut through Financial Reporting’s FOG
The Single Audit from Beginning to End
The Successful Family Business
The Successful Woman CPA - Handling Stress, Overwhelm & Running on Empty - Part 1
The Successful Woman CPA - Handling Stress, Overwhelm & Running on Empty - Part 2
The Virtual CFO Series - A Complete Set (Starts February 8th)
The Virtual CFO Series - Communicating Performance (Starts April 5th)
The Virtual CFO Series - Ethics and Leadership (Starts June 7th)
The Virtual CFO Series - Preparing for the Future (Starts February 8th)
The Virtual CFO Series - Profit Environment (Starts March 8th)
The Virtual CFO Series - Taking Care of Your Team (Starts May 3rd)
The Yellow Book: From Beginning to End
Time Mastery for CPAs: Over 100 Ways to Maximize Your Productivity and Satisfaction
Transaction Tax Executive Fiat
Triple Your Memory, Prevent Dementia and Halve Your Stress Part I
Triple Your Memory, Prevent Dementia and Halve Your Stress Part II
Understanding Business Valuations
Understanding Inventory Accounting: GAAP, Software and Variance Recognition Basics
Understanding Section 199A: Business Income Deduction
Understanding Value from the Customer's Perspective
Uniform Guidance 201 - Federal Grants Selected Intermediate Level Topics
Use Critical Thinking Skills to Boost Your Impact
Use Performance Metrics: Improve Planning and Control
Walkin’, Talkin’, Lookin’, and Listenin’, or Things That Most Auditors Don’t Do Well
Wayfair: A Sea of Change in Nexus Analysis
Weighing in on the Section 179 SUV Deduction
What Does Fraud Look Like
What’s New with Microsoft Office 365, Zoho Docs, & G Suite by Google Cloud
When Leadership Fails
Who Stole My Balance Sheet: The FASB Research Project Continues
Why Listening is Important: (Hint, You Can SELL MORE)
Why Section 530 of the Revenue Act of 1978 Applies to the States
Why You Should Pay Attention to YouTube and How to Make it Work for You and Your Business
Windows 10 Tips and Tricks
Workflow as a Best Practice
Workflow to Benefit You and Your Clients
Working Smarter, Not Harder: the New Science of Getting on Top of it All - Part 1
Working Smarter, Not Harder: the New Science of Getting on Top of it All - Part 2