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Governmental Affairs Committees


Members of the CPA-PAC Steering Committee are appointed by the TSCPA chairman. These CPAs work closely with local TSCPA chapters and public affairs committees to evaluate candidates’ positions on issues of importance to CPAs and to determine the level of financial support TSCPA will provide for candidates. Diane Joiner  is the TSCPA staff liaison.

Legislative Advisory

In real-world terms, the Legislative Advisory Committee is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to bills considered by the Texas Legislature. The CPAs on this committee assist in reviewing legislation relevant to your profession and determining when new legislation should be recommended. Linda Messing is the contact for the Chapter Legislative Coordinators .

Chapter Legislative Coordinators

Chapter Legislative Coordinators administer TSCPA's statewide grassroots advocacy network, conduct candidate research and deliver PAC checks. Members of this committee spearhead the coordination of those CPAs who serve as Key Person volunteers to contact legislators and make sure the CPA voice is heard. Linda Messing is the contact for the Chapter Legislative Coordinators.

Professional Ethics

The Professional Ethics Committee assists TSCPA members in evaluating their responsibilities to the public, their clients, their employers, and regulatory authorities and communicating such responsibilities to targeted audiences. The Committee promotes understanding and voluntary compliance with Codes of Professional Conduct developed by standard setting bodies.

Additionally, the Professional Ethics Committee reviews complaints concerning the ethical behavior of Texas Society members and acts upon such complaints in accordance with the AICPA Joint Ethics Enforcement Program (JEEP) procedures. Each allegation of a CPA’s misconduct is thoroughly investigated to determine whether disciplinary action is warranted.

Contact Patty Wyatt  for more information about the Professional Ethics Committee.

State Taxation

The State Taxation Committee is the link between CPAs and the State Comptroller’s office. Members of this committee regularly meet with Comptroller’s representatives to discuss the state taxation policy questions submitted by TSCPA members. To ask a question of the State Comptroller, contact Linda Messing, TSCPA staff liaison for this committee.