Basic Ethics Inquiries

Members of the TXCPA Professional Ethics Committee can be of assistance with basic ethics issues. However, opinions of individual members are NOT an opinion representative of the committee or of the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA).

Members' opinions are based on the limited information provided to them; they are not liable to report back in the future if, in fact, their opinions change as a result of new information, additional knowledge, or revisions to the rules of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct or the TSBPA Rules of Professional Conduct.

Ethics questions asked of committee members are confidential.

Professional Ethics Committee Member List by Chapter

Jerry Love (tax, valuation) 325-437-5683

Larry Stephens (education, benefit plans, tax) 512-547-9394

Brazos Valley
Tom Wallis (audit) 979-776-2600

Central Texas
Chuck Stanley (education, audit) 254-710-6228

Paul French (accounting, valuation) 214-649-8569
Ken Horwitz (tax law, representation of CPAs) 972-419-8383
Marlow Hunter (peer review, audit) 214-207-6958
Travis Keath (valuation) 972-831-7900
Wray Rives (tax, accounting) 214-613-3876

East Texas
Royce Read (audit) 903-534-8811

Fort Worth
Glenn Hanner (tax, valuation) 817-259-9133

Pat Durio (audit) 713-661-5290
Pat Quirk (tax, financial planning) 979-297-1488
Dale Spradling (audit, litigation services) 281-364-0245

Cory Joiner (audit) 806-236-6929

Rio Grande Valley
Bill Mann (tax) 956-630-3053

San Antonio
Blaise Bender (education, tax, tax law) 210-316-5063
Earl Blanche (tax) 210-408-2721
Tyson Gaenzel (audit) 210-829-1300
Joe Hernandez (audit) 210-829-1300
Tracy Merritt (industry) 210-230-9254
Randy Vogel (audit) 210-341-9400<

Selena Jefferies (education, audit) 903-244-6874






Ethics questions are treated in a confidential manner.

TXCPA ethics inquiries:
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