Members Active in AICPA

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AICPA Council

The Council serves as the governing body of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Every state is represented by one member designated for a one-year term. Other members are allocated throughout the United States based on the number of AICPA members in the state or are elected as at-large members. AICPA past presidents and chairmen of the Board serve as permanent ex-officio members.

At its October 2016 Council meeting, the AICPA discussed changes to their Council governance terms and approved a Resolution. As AICPA and CIMA move to align their governance cycles, AICPA Council and committee terms will move from the current October – October cycle to a May – May cycle. AICPA has asked all state societies to make adjustments to their AICPA Council nominee terms to accommodate the transition. Starting in 2019, all members of council will begin in May 2019.

Terms expiring May 2021

Kathy Kapka, East Texas

Jeannette Smith, Rio Grande Valley

Steve Knebel, Austin (at-large)

Jerry Spence, Corpus Christi

William Reeb, Austin (AICPA Chair)

Lei Testa, Fort Worth (one-year designee 2020-2021)

Terms expiring May 2022

Charlotte Jungen, Houston

Jim Oliver, San Antonio

Toni L. McBee Joyner, Brazos Valley

Jerry Spence, Corpus Christi (one-year designee 2021-2022)

William Reeb, Austin (Immediate past AICPA Chair)


Terms expiring May 2023

Jason B. Freeman, Dallas

Stephen G. Parker, Houston

Alyssa G. Martin, Dallas

J. Ramsey Womack III, Houston

Terms expiring May 2024

Sheila Enriquez, Houston

Lei Testa, Fort Worth

Bill Schneider, Dallas