Pillars of Success

These three pillars are the foundation of TXCPA 2020. Our programs, services and benefits will support the objectives of each pillar to deliver value to you every day.




By promoting and embracing a culture of continuous learning, TXCPA will continue to ensure our members’ success.

When you have the tools you need to address new changes, stay on top of continuously changing regulations, and maintain and exhibit a high level of ethical standards, you will be better positioned to deliver stellar services to your clients and employers.


  • Complete a CPE strategic plan to address future needs of CPAs.

  • Explore new opportunities for online learning and build awareness of current program offerings.

  • Implement a web-based platform for enhancement of the peer review experience.

  • Inform members of the latest information impacting the profession.

  • Provide access to resources that ensure competency for various member segments.



TXCPA proudly protects, preserves and promotes your Texas CPA certificate.

We keep watch on regulatory systems and identify and support public policy makers who understand the concerns of business and free enterprise.

We tout the value of the Texas CPA to the public to increase their understanding of how vital our members are to supporting a healthy Texas economy.


  • Ensure the continuation of the Texas Public Accountancy Act and the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy through Sunset Review in 2019.

  • Increase financial support of and engagement in the CPA-PAC.

  • Grow the key persons program by engaging new and younger members.

  • Promote the value of the profession to the public, employers, potential clients, and future CPAs.



TXCPA is all about you.

You are the heart and soul of this organization.

We plan to grow your community with the introduction of the next generation of CPAs while enhancing each member’s experience at the state and local levels.

The value of your membership grows with your connections to our community of 28,000.


  • Launch an online member community for members to connect to share knowledge and expand upon their areas of expertise

  • Attract students to the CPA profession and fill the CPA pipeline by increasing student engagement across the state

  • Develop additional chapter resources to enhance statewide collaboration and efficiencies