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TSCPA Members Active in AICPA

For more information about AICPA volunteer opportunities and to see a full list of committees, please visit the AICPA Volunteer Center.

AICPA Council

The Council serves as the governing body of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Every state is represented by one member designated for a one-year term. Other members are allocated throughout the United States based on the number of AICPA members in the state or are elected as at-large members. AICPA past presidents and chairmen of the Board serve as permanent ex-officio members.

At its October 2016 Council meeting, the AICPA discussed changes to their Council governance terms and approved a Resolution. As AICPA and CIMA move to align their governance cycles, AICPA Council and committee terms will move from the current October – October cycle to a May – May cycle. AICPA has asked all state societies to make adjustments to their AICPA Council nominee terms to accommodate the transition. Starting in 2019, all members of council will begin in May 2019.

Terms expiring May 2019

 Michael Brown, Central Texas (one-year designee)  John Baines, Dallas
 Mark D. Lee, Houston  
 Jim Oliver, San Antonio

Terms expiring May 2020

 Allyson Baumeister, Fort Worth Stephen G. Parker, Houston (one-year designee)
 Carol Warley, Houston  Christi Mondrik, Austin
 Sheila Enriquez, Houston (at-large)  John Mackel, Houston (at-large)
 Lisa Ong, Dallas  John Mackel, Houston (at-large)

Terms expiring May 2021

 Kathy Kapka, East Texas  Steve Knebel, Austin (at-large)
 Jeannette Smith, Rio Grande Valley  William (Bill) Reeb, Austin (Vice Chair)
 Jerry Spence, Corpus Christi  

Terms expiring May 2022

 Charlotte Jungen, Houston  
 Toni L. McBee Joyner, Brazos Valley   
 Jim Oliver, San Antonio  


AICPA Committees

Accounting Research
Association, Inc
William L. Reeb (Vice President)

Administrators Advisory Task Force
Jerrel L. Cross

AICPA Major Firms Group
Richard H. Stein
William M. Lawhon
Larry G. Autrey

AICPA Political Action Committee
William L. Reeb (Vice Chair)

Americas Regional Advisory Board
Pauline N. Le

ASEC ASB Materiality Working Group
Julie K. Winger

Awards Committee
Robert P. Gray

CFF Credential Committee
Alexander D. Walther

CITP Champion Program
Troylynn Johnson-Brewster
Pauline N. Le
Sundeep Bablani

Corporations & Shareholders Taxation Technical Resource Panel
Donna A. Haim

Employee Benefits Plans Audit Quality Center Executive Committee
Judith K. Goldberg

Employee Benefit Plans Expert Panel
Judith K. Goldberg
Beth A. Thompson (Chair)

Estate Tax Expatriates Task Force
Peggy A. Ugent (Vice Chair)

Financial Reporting Executive Committee
William D. Schneider
Angela J. Newell

FLP Issues Task Force
Joseph D. Brophy
J. Richard Claywell

Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR) Subcommittee
Nihad F. Azizli

FLS Damages Task Force
Alexander D. Walther

Foreign Trust Beneficiary Withholding Task Force
Peggy A. Ugent

FVS Consulting Digest Technical Advisory Board
Wendell M. Schwartz
Alan D. Westheimer

Government Performance and Accountability Committee (GPAC)
Richard L. Scheel

Healthcare Revenue Recognition Task Force
Kimberly K. McKay (Chair)

Independence in State and Local Government Environment Task Force
James C. Curry

International Taxation Technical Resource Panel
Austin Carlson
Renee D. Foshee

Investment Companies Expert Panel
Martin L. Davidson

Investments Committee
John C. Garvey

Joint Trial Board
Kenneth D. Sibley
Stephen M. McEachern

Journal of Accountancy Editorial Advisers
Manoranian Mahadeva

National Accreditation Commission (NAC)
Jodi Ann Ray *

National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion
Anthony P. Torres
Kimberly S. Gamez

PCPS Technical Issues Committee
Danielle S. Cheek (Vice Chair)

PFS Credential Committee
Trudy R. Turner

Professional and Personal Liability Insurance Plan
Robert L. Allen

Professional Ethics Executive Committee
Kelly J. Hunter
Arnoldo C. Barrera

Revenue Recognition Working Group
Angela J. Newell

Service Organizations Task Force
Julie K. Winger

State & Local Government Expert Panel
Reem M. Samra

Tax Executive Committee
Kathy M. Ploch

Tax Practice & Procedures Committee
Janet C. Hagy
Joseph D. Brophy

Tax Practice Management Committee
Michael V. Ohanesian

Technical Reviewers Advisory Task Force
Dipesh J. Patel

Technical Standards Subcommittee
Beth A. Thompson

Telecommunications Revenue Recognition Task Force
William D. Schneider

Trust, Estate and Gift Tax Technical Resource Panel
Peggy A. Ugent (chair)

* Not a TSCPA member