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Outstanding Accounting Educator Award Recipients

The Outstanding Accounting Educator Award recognizes Texas accounting educators who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and have distinguished themselves through active service to the accounting profession. The awards give profession-wide recognition to the recipients along with promoting role models in academe.

2019 Outstanding Accounting Educator Award nomination form


Sheryl J. Jimerson, CPA, MBA - Lone Star College - University Park
Suzanne N. Cory, Ph.D. - St. Mary's University
Benjamin Lansford, Ph.D. - Rice University
Timothy Thomasson, CPA - Baylor University
Madhuri Bandla, CPA - University of North Texas


Gilbert C. Barrera, Jr., JD, CPA, MPA - Texas A&M University - San Antonio
Anne-Marie Teresa Lelkes, PhD, CPA - Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Jennifer Johnson, CPA, CGMA - The University of Texas at Dallas


Dr. Suryakant T. Desai, CPA – Cedar Valley College
Dr. Veronda F. Willis, CPA – The University of Texas at Tyler
Dr. Nikki L. Shoemaker, CPA, CGMA – Stephen F. Austin State University
Diane M. Eure, CPA – Texas State University 


Regina Lanett Brown— Eastfield College
Dr. Mary Fischer—The University of Texas at Tyler
Marie T. Kelly, CPA—Stephen F. Austin State University
Kathy Zolton, CPA—The University of Texas at Dallas


Cathy Scott, CPA - Navarro College
Narita Holmes, CPA – The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Kelly Noe, Ph.D CPA – Stephen F. Austin State University
Brian Lendecky, CPA – University of Texas at Austin


Shawn Miller, CPA – Lone Star College, Cy-Fair
Adria Vasquez, CPA – Texas A&M - Kingsville
Barry Bryan, PhD – Southern Methodist University
Linda Vaello, CPA – University of Texas – San Antonio


Tracie Nobles, CPA – Austin Community College
Kathy Kapka, CPA – University of Texas at Tyler
Valrie Chambers, Ph.D. CPA – Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi
James Deitrick, Ph.D. – University of Texas at Austin


Glenn McQueary, Houston Community College
Barbara Scofield, University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Wayne Shaw, Southern Methodist University
Lauran Schmid, University of Texas at Brownsville


John Templeton, Houston Community College
Tracie Edmond, University of the Incarnate Word
Robert Vigeland, Texas Christian University
Carol Collinsworth, University of Texas at Brownsville


Florence Atiase, University of Texas at Austin
Frederick Bunn, El Paso Community College
Dr. Carolyn Conn, St. Edward’s University
Dr. Awni Zebda, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi


Paula Miller, Collin County Community College
Dr. Norman Sunderman, CPA, Angelo State University
Brent Wilkinson, CPA, Baylor University
Dr. Michael Shaub, CPA, Texas A&M University


Dr. Treba Marsh, CPA, Stephen F. Austin State University
Dr. Linda Nichols, CPA, Texas Tech University
Adelfino Palacios, CPA, Del Mar College


Janice Cobb, CPA, Texas Christian University
Linda Flowers, CPA, Houston Community College
Dr. Sid Glandon, CPA, University of Texas-El Paso
Theresa Tiggeman, CPA, University of the Incarnate Word


Dr. Wendell Edwards, CPA, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Rebecca Hancock, CPA, El Paso Community College
Dr. Martha Loudder, Texas A&M University
Dr. Neal VanZante, CPA, Texas A&M University-Kingsville


Ramon Fernandez, CPA, University of St. Thomas
Liliana Hickman-Riggs, CPA, University of Texas-Dallas
Karen Russom, CPA, North Harris College
Dr. L. Murphy Smith, CPA, Texas A&M University


Dr. Marina Nathan, Houston Community College
Ron Huntsman, Texas Lutheran University
Dr. Bill Thomas, Baylor University
Dr. Terry Glandon, University of Texas-El Paso


Dr. Mary Fischer, UT-Tyler
Dr. Rosie Morris, Southwest Texas State University
Paul Cameron, Jr., Texas A&M-Corpus Christi


Barbara Cassidy, St. Edward's University
Saturnino Gonzalez, El Paso Community College
Jan Morris, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Linda S. Perry, Texas A&M University


Raymond J. Clay, Jr., University of North Texas
Janet S. Omundson, University of Texas at El Paso
Blaise C. Bender, Our Lady of the Lake University


James J. Benjamin, Texas A&M University
Jane Baldwin, Baylor University
Dale Westfall, Midland College


Anna Fowler, University of Texas
Mary B. Stevens, University of Texas at El Paso
Diana Ross Coker, St. Mary's University


Michael H. Granof, University of Texas
Mattie C. Porter, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Mary E. Harston, St. Mary's University


Marshall K. Pitman, University of Texas at San Antonio


Sharron M. Graves, Stephen F. Austin


Larry Gene Pointer, Texas A&M
Sammie L. Smith, Stephen F. Austin
Clara King, Midland College


Jane O. Burns, Texas Tech
Ray Sommerfeld, University of Texas
Edward L. Summers, University of Texas